Oxnead-Buxton-River Bure Rules.

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Oxnead-Buxton-River Bure Rules.

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Oxnead/Buxton/Lamas Bure River Stretch
Membership Rules
2016 – 2017

The stretch of the river Bure which the club leases is owned by two local landowners.
They allow our syndicate members to fish from the banks along the river within our 3.5 mile
we manage and Bailiff.
The landowners have other interests which impact on our use of the river.
Please follow the syndicate rules.

1. Members may only fish in areas shown on the river map which is circulated to new members on joining. Further copies of the map are available on request.
2. We are not allowed to fish from the island just down from Buxton mill. This is used by the Canoe man for his Canoe business, please remember that we share access to the river with Canoe users.
3. All members "MUST" display a "syndicate car parking permit" on the dash of your parked cars when at river parking areas, fishing or not. Failure to do so, your membership will not be renewed.
4. All syndicate members must carry their membership card when along the river fishing, Bailiff's will ask to see your Syndicate fishing permit. landowners and Environmental Agency will also ask to see permission to fish from the land we lease.
5. Members must also carry their EA fishing license when fishing.
6. Season 2016-17 the syndicate will no longer offer the season ticket with guest option, any guest you had planned to bring can join the syndicate @ £50 per season charge.
7. Fishing is allowed from the designated banks only.
8. The close season runs from March 15 to June 15 inclusive and coarse fishing is prohibited during this period.
9. Keep nets are not allowed.
10. All members must have an unhooking mat and suitably sized landing net
11. All fish caught should be treated with the up most care and returned alive to the water a soon as possible.
12. Barbless, semi barbless or micro barbed hooks are acceptable.
13. Wire traces must be used when pike fishing, unhooking mat, foreceps.
14. NO FISH to be removed or moved from the river.
15. All members can request to see fishing permits from unknown anglers (self Bailiff).
16. Respectful other users along the rivers footpaths and behave responsibly.
17. Enjoy your angling and have a great season.

As well as the above rules please note the trout fishing rules below.

Trout Fishing Rules

1. The Fly fishing season runs from April 1st to 30th September each year.
2. You can only fish for Trout with a fly rod and strictly imitation fly's only, during this period.
3. Barbless hooks only.
4. Trout fishing along our syndicate stretch it strictly "CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY!

River Management Team 2016-17.

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