Captain's Pond Rules

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Captain's Pond Rules

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Captains Pond Angling Society
Membership Rules
2016 – 2017

1. Members are requested to show consideration to other anglers at all times.

2.   Captains Pond is a designated area of SSSI under the terms of the 1981 wildlife act.

3. All vehicles MUST display an official car parking permit on dashboard at all times when fishing/present in car park.

4. All members to park at right angles from the road , starting from the Norwich end of the car park.

5. All gates to be closed after exit and entry using the double gate security system.

6. All members must be in possession of a current Environment Agency Rod Licence – Bailiff's will check at any time and have gate code access.

7. All members MUST carry an official membership fishing permit when fishing, please produce on request of Bailiff's, rigs will also be checked at any time.

8. All members must ensure that no unauthorised persons enter the Estate around Captains.

9. No dogs allowed.

10. DO NOT leave any litter,  you will lose your membership with no refund.

11. No rods to be left unattended at any time!. I repeat “ANY TIME” !!

12. All fish to be returned safely as possible alive to the water, giving the fish time to recover - before release.

13. All anglers MUST have an unhooking mat in place while fishing.

14. NO FISH to be taken from the fishery alive or dead.

15. In bad weather conditions no-one to use platforms to fish from.

16. "Invitations" for you to re-new your membership are sent out annually showing the coming seasons charges
and payment instructions (FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTION'S CORRECTLY!) failure to do so and your renewal membership card will not be send out and your cheque disposed of – NO REMINDERS. All payments have to be in before April 1st.


18. NO KEEP SACK – return all fish as soon as possible – fish may be held in landing net for photo's.

19. All fishing rigs must have a safe system so lead pull free, Bailiff spot check's are in force.

20. 15lb min BS line for carp and pike.

21. Adequate landing net – unhooking mat – forceps and wire cutters (Pike).

22. Anti bacterial treatment must be applied to hook holds and sores on fish and returned.

23. Particle baits must be prepared correctly.

24. Members must be 18 and over - NO GUEST tickets - NO DAY tickets – No family members - SYNDICATE Members only.

25. Any member breaking the rules “will not be invited” the following season or could be asked to leave - NO REFUNDS ON ANY MEMBERSHIPS PAID.

26. No members are allowed to use the Boats unless permission is given, life jacket must be used.  

27. Enjoy your fishing and season.

28. Night fishing ONLY by prior arrangement with the management team. via - call/text/whats ap/forum.
Management team 2016-17.

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